Prepare for the battle of the crypto clans!

Private Beta Starts August 1st

Train your fighters

Develop your avatar fighters through training their attributes and gaining competition experience.

Support your clan

You can choose your favorite crypto clan and let your avatar fighters compete for it.

Build a collection

Avatars are unique assets, living as non-fungible tokens on a blockchain. Build your own collection of fighters!

What is Chain Clash

Chain Clash is a free-to-play collectible and battle game. You can collect and train a variety of avatar fighters and join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans. Ultimately, you’ll engage in competitive battles with your rivals, prevail and hopefully prove the power of your clan!

For the private beta, we will invite a select group of players to participate. Based on the activity and feedback during the beta phase, all testers will be rewarded with exclusive in-game items once the game goes public.

Apply for Private Beta

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How Chain Clash happened (part II) - Steemit

We're back with the second part of our story - remember, we stopped in 2017, and we'll pick up where we left.

How Chain Clash happened (part I) - Steemit

In this multi-piece post we want to share some background story about Chain Clash so you can get a feeling for the origin of the avatars, clashes and the humans that will be part of the game. Our story begins in the trenches of blockchain technology, the moment when Bitcoin was invented and launched.

Chain Clash - Battle of the Crypto Clans - Steemit

Anybody who paid attention saw it coming, but here we are, sharing some official information with you. We're proudly presenting: Chain Clash will be a free-to-play game that allows to collect, train and fight with humanoid avatars. These avatars live on the blockchain and their amazing looks are being produced by our partners from LA, California - DNABlock.